Margret Köll — Giants



With Luca Pianca (Lute)

This album is based on the tradition of the virtuoso of earlier times, who were able to adapt all kinds of music to the idiomatic language of their instruments. The title “Giants” refers to the recorded composers; each in his own way in his time can be considered a giant: with Monteverdi certainly began the era of the Baroque, which in turn led Bach to its great end, while Gesualdo in his madrigals in search of expression across all borders and musical conventions of his time.

Read here a text by Luca Pianca.

Released by Passacaille, 2009

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Preludio from Partita c-minor BWV 997

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Carlo Gesualdo

Canzon del Principe con le fioriture

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Allegro from Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E flat BWV 998

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Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita in c-moll, BWV 997
Prelude, Fugue & Allegro for Lute in E flat major, BWV 998
Carlo Gesualdo
Beltà, poi che t'assenti
Gagliarda del Principe da Venosa
Canzon del Principe con le fioriture
Ahi, disperata vita
Claudio Monteverdi
L'orfeo intavolato
  • Helga Beier Liner Note Translation
  • Luc Breton Instrument Design
  • Christopher S. Cartwright Liner Note Translation
  • Eric Kleinmann Instrument Design
  • Margret Köll Triple Harp
  • Armin Linke Cover Photo, Video Stills
  • Amedeo Martegani Artwork
  • Jean-Daniel Noir Mastering, Sound Editing
  • Luca Pianca Liner Notes, Lute
  • Godwin Stewart Liner Note Translation
  • Frieda Vanbelle Artwork
  • Christiane Verbeek Liner Note Translation
  • Jan de Winne Producer
Photo essays


Major musical focal points of Early Baroque Naples documented during a trip in December 2012. The photographs appear in the cd booklet of L’arpa di Partenope.

Photos: Armin Linke

Harp and Lute: Margret Köll & Luca Pianca